Struggling with weight loss, our weight loss meditation will help

Meditating for weight loss

We have all been there, Cravings and adverts for something you cant or shouldn't have. 

When you learn how to eat mindfully and remove the stress around food and cravings you will find your goals easier to achieve. 

As a Reiki master and a nutritionally minded individual who also has had challenges around food & alcohol addiction I discovered meditation and my own goals became so much clearer, I have achieved a healthy lifestyle and can now managed my food the way I want to. 

When you eat well and exercise you are helping lower your blood pressure and also your weight, Combining meditation will help with clarity and calm the mind to learn how to manage stress and cravings. 

Once you realise that a mind-body connection is possible you will feel the difference immediately. 

If this is a feeling or behaviour you can relate to, you’re not alone. There are steps you can take that may be able to help you to manage or lose weight, and meditation for weight loss is one of them. 

Our weekly small group sessions or private 121's are held locally, to find out more please get in touch. weight loss meditation how to lose weight meditating for weight loss